Ultimate Custom Night

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Ultimate Custom Night is a fantastic horror game in which your task is to check the cameras often, use controlled shock, or seal the doors to protect yourself. Are you ready to take on the challenges of this adventure game? Let's start this game now to experience exciting challenges with this survival game!

This game is possibly the most loved game on Steam as it gets 9/10 points. These numbers are 4.5/5 in Google Play and 4.6/5 in the App Store. Even, this number is 5/5 on our Granny website.

Seventh Edition With Animatronics Customization

This is the seventh installment in the series where you play as a night watchman. Unlike previous installments such as Five Nights at Freddy's and Five Nights At Freddy's 2, this game enables you to choose the animatronics and adjust their AI level. There are available 10 animatronics in all, which are Ballora, Freddy, Yenndo, Foxy, Bonnet, Bidybab, Electrobab, Lolbit, Minireena, and Minireena 2. Besides, there are 49 other villains in this seventh edition. This makes your number of opponents 59. This is the largest number ever in all versions of the FNAF series. It seems to include all the animatronics in all previous versions. However, there are also new characters: Dee Dee and Old Man Consequences.

On this night, any animatronics you choose will be operational. Be cautious! Their scary jump may make you scream or perhaps leap out of your skin.

Besides the significant change in the number of animatronics, this version of Scott Cawthon has some new features. You can participate in 16 challenges with 16 different themes. Besides, there are voice acting, unlockable office skins, and unlockable cutscenes.

These innovations make the game more engaging. Do not disregard this game if you are a huge fan of the Five Nights At Freddy's series. Click the Ready button to begin playing immediately.

Rules Of This Survival Game


You are tasked with checking the cameras, proceeding with controlled shock, and closing the doors to protect yourself from frightening animatronics. Close the door quickly if you see the animatronics on Cam 1, Cam 4, and Cam 2 to prevent them from breaking inside the office. When Scrap Baby enters your workplace, you must use the controlled shock button to enter it to go. Remember that shutting the doors and using controlled shock will take a great deal of energy. When required, just shut the door or trigger the regulated shock.

The rules of this Indie version are quite similar to the previous versions. However, the difference appeared when Scrap Baby appeared.


  • W = Vent
  • E = Shook
  • A = Left Door
  • S = Orange
  • D = Right Door

The control keys are simple. However, during playing this action game, you need to be careful not to press the wrong key. Every mistake can end the game.

After the end of this version, you can also try other volumes. For example, Five Nights at Freddy's 3 and Five Nights At Freddy's 4 are the two versions to look forward to.