Wednesday vs Slendermen

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Enter Wednesday vs Slendermen to take part in a 3D running game with the world's most horror characters. As Wednesday Addams, you try to escape from Slendermen.

Information about the game

Surely many of the players know the popular Netflix series called Wednesday. However, have you known or experienced the 3D game related to this movie? In the Wednesday vs Slendermen game, you will play as Wednesday Addams who is being hunted by Slendermen. Direct confrontation with Slendermen is completely impossible. Therefore, you need to control the character Wednesday to run through the forest to escape.

The WASD and arrow keys are what you use to control Wednesday left, right, jump, or crouch. If the character collides with any obstacle, she will fall and the Slendermen will catch her. Don't let this monster catch you. If you want to explore more horror monsters, visit Granny's Mansion and Granny Kill 2.

Great features

  • May useful items you can collect while running such as many coins, hammers, and hands.
  • There is one player who plays the role of Wednesday.
  • Graphics and sound represent the horror world.