Whack Your Boss

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Let's find different ways to get rid of your boss in the Whack Your Boss game, so he can't bother you. Let's evaluate which way is the most interesting way.

Eliminate the boss in Whack Your Boss

An ordinary employee often has to face the orders of the boss. However, the only thing you can do is follow that command. This Whack Your Boss game will be a great environment for you to do the opposite. In this game, you feel annoyed when the boss comes to annoy you. Your task is to find 7 different ways to eliminate your boss. Press the left mouse button to interact with the objects around your character and use them to finish your boss. Let's see which method of destruction is the most interesting in this game. Finally, Zip Me Up Halloween is another extremely interesting horror game that you should play. Let's enjoy!

The design of Whack Your Boss

The design of the game is quite simple with mainly black and white tones. When you attack the boss with an object, red blood from the boss will flow out. The boss cannot move means you have succeeded in killing him. There are many objects around that you can use for this attack. You can use a computer, a keyboard, or even a cup. Wishing you success in avoiding the boss's annoyance.