Yokai Dungeon

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What are you waiting for without joining the Yokai Dungeon game right away? Help your fox character destroy enemies and collect lots of gold coins.

Yokai Dungeon Game Quest

In this game, you will support a fox to complete his mission. Specifically, you will control it to push the jars to destroy the enemy. Each time an enemy is defeated, gold coins will appear. Collect them so you can buy the necessary items later. After you kill all the enemies in one area, move on to the next area. You may encounter more powerful enemies like ghosts or moving lanterns. They can attack you, so you have to be careful to avoid the attacks. A small map will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Looking at it, you will know what the area you stand in consists of. Good luck!

The design of Yokai Dungeon

The design of this game is extremely eye-catching and interesting. It is designed according to traditional Japanese houses. Explore each room and nook to know more about this design. Besides, you can enjoy the scene of cherry blossom petals falling gently or the image of chickens eating. It will give you a sense of peace.