Zip Me Up Halloween

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Are you ready to test your bravery in an exciting horror game called Zip Me Up Halloween? Click on the zippo lighter to see what scary thing awaits you.

How the Zip Me Up Halloween game works

Before you officially start playing, I suggest you open the full-screen mode to enjoy this game. This game can be a test of your bravery. Specifically, it gives a scene at night and you won't see anything as well as don't know where you are. The only thing you have is one lighter. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on the lighter to be able to look around. The scary thing is here. When the light from the lighter radiates, monsters will appear. Each time the lighter works, you will see a different horror scene. Let's see if you are scared by those horror scenes.

Interesting facts about Zip Me Up Halloween

  • The horror scenes that appear in the game are derived from the most famous horror games and movies. In addition, there are scenes designed according to the legends.
  • When the lighter works, monsters appear, and there is no time for you to prepare. Get ready to show your brave every time.
  • The game is designed with a Halloween theme like the Halloween Ghost Balls game.